With Original Art by Frances Whitman

There is something very special about owning an original piece of art.

Each piece of art carries the energy of the process, each stroke of the pencil, the pastel or the paintbrush, the joy of creating, the expectation, the love of being in the moment and the sense of joy in the viewing of the completed work.

I believe my artworks choose their owners, even before I have painted them, they seem to know who they are destined for.

Intuitive Art

​Making the Invisible Visible

Frances combines her natural abilities as an artist and medium to create beautiful intuitive paintings. Sensing and connecting to the energies of the subject she is portraying, bringing this vibration into view through her artworks.

Using a broad spectrum of colours and mediums, Frances' intuitive art depicts energy, nature, spirits, angels and dreamscapes, to list just a few.