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Intuitive Art Workshops With
Frances Whitman

Intuitive art is about letting go of fear or expectations, allowing each painting to evolve in its own time, in its own way, allowing something new and unknown to emerge as you tap into your inner wisdom, allowing art to be created from a place of guidance.

Intuitive art workshops with Frances Whitman provide a nurturing, fun and relaxing space in which you can enjoy the process of creating mixed media artworks.

Allowing you to enjoy the creative process, to let go, creating spontaneously, without thinking, without trying to draw precise shapes, or recognisable images, trusting your intuition and instinct rather than your brain.


Frances will offer to ‘read’ an intuitive pastel artwork created by each participant during the workshop, giving her intuitive insight into the artwork.

With kind permission
A selection of work in progress and completed artworks by participants
during art workshops with Frances Whitman


Read here about people's experiences attending Frances's Intuitive Art Workshops

I just wanted to send you a quick email to say how much I thoroughly enjoyed every minute the intuitive art workshop on Sunday. 

You are so generous with your time, skills and the abundance of art materials.
It all made for such a wonderful experience. I loved being able to see my growth too from the previous workshop I did with you, maybe three years ago now.
How much freer I feel to listen and create from intuition and let things unfold. Quite magical and such a lovely space to play. It has made me want to create more and add some creative time into my week. 


What a fabulous day yesterday. Had lots of fun allowing my inner child out to play in Frances Whitman's intuitive art workshop. Created some amazing things using different techniques. Acrylic pouring paint ... my favourite, encaustic art using melting wax, painting and pastels. Such a fabulous day with a lovely group of ladies. I do love my 'galactic peacock' and a first attempt at aurora borealis. It was such a magical day, and what a bunch of creative goddesses we all were!!


Every moment was thoroughly enjoyable, I've learnt so much, far more than I'd imagined.

Using the day to practise elements of the picture to use as a reference later. I can't thank you enough for your fantastic, constructive help, a lovely group of people.


Frances, I have had an amazing, enlightening and enjoyable day, thank you so much.


Delighted to be able to attend this amazing intuitive art workshop, we had a lot of fun.


I found the day extremely enjoyable and empowering, I enjoyed the combination of art and meditation.


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