My Artistic Journey

Wildlife Art

I've always loved drawing and creating from an early age. After a minor car accident in my 20's, to pass my time whilst recuperating, I began drawing animals using magazine references. I was pleasantly surprised with my finished results and continued to practise my drawing and painting skills.

The creative pull was so strong that I left my job and embarked on the first part of my artistic journey. I joined a wildlife art society and was encouraged to enter national art competitions. I was thrilled to win several awards for my animal drawings.


My art then took me in an interesting direction for quite a few years, drawing animal commissions, painting trompe l'oeil murals and creating paint effects for businesses and clients homes.

My  Intuitive Awakening


The start of my intuitive journey began when I became good friends with a lovely lady. Tragically her husband passed away a year later. During the weeks following his passing, I began to 'hear' and then write messages from him.

I explained to my friend what was happening and asked her late husband to offer information for her that would prove it was indeed him. This he did and I became a channel for his messages which brought great comfort to my friend and her family.

I wanted to understand and explore my newly discovered abilities, so I took a mediumship course over the next few years to develop my knowledge, understanding and skills.

​Attending a psychic/intuitive art workshop introduced me to the idea of combining my artistic and mediumistic abilities. This formed the basis of the soul energy portraits and readings I now offer to clients, either at my studio in Cheltenham, by skype or at Mind Body and Spirit Shows that I attend around the UK.

My Artistic Journey ~ Continued

Intutive Art


I began creating art intuitively and  I absolutely love this process which naturally allows the art to form and become into being through the layers of paint and other media I use, being guided by an inner awareness.


Intuitive art is about letting go of fear or expectations, allowing each painting to evolve in its own time, in its own way. It is about creating a unique expression of sense, feeling and being, allowing something new and unknown emerge.

Creating sacred site and locational energy art uses my intuitive abilities as a medium, to see and feel the energies present, expressing these in my artwork.