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by Frances Whitman


Purchase Prints With Confidence

All prints are printed using the very best quality paper, canvas and inks.


Limited edition prints come with a signed and numbered 'Certificate of Authenticity'.

All prints are signed by Frances and include a 'How to care for your print guide.'

Paper prints arrive in an ivory coloured mount, sealed in a clear cellophane wrap, with a backing board. Canvas prints arrive pre-stretched and and ready to hang.


Frances combines her natural abilities as an artist and medium to create beautiful intuitive paintings. Sensing and connecting to the energies of the subject she is portraying, bringing this vibration into view through her artworks.

Using a broad spectrum of colours and mediums, Frances' intuitive art depicts energy, nature, spirits, angels and dreamscapes, to list just a few.


Frances is well known for capturing the intricate detail, essence and beauty of animals in her stunning wildlife art, especially the realism she achieves in the eyes ‘the windows of the soul’.

Self-taught working with acrylic and coloured pencil, she creates layer upon layer to achieve the high level of detail and depth in her wildlife art, bringing her animals to life.