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Frances painted ‘Protectors’ whilst sitting in The King's Mens stone circle. She was inspired to write the following words to accompany the painting.


‘‘Protectors’ – Rollright Stones

Heritage here for all,

Where once we stood so tall,

Focused, united, sworn to protect,

All who dwell in this world and the next,

Breathe in this heritage we offer,

Stand with us, receive all we proffer,

Take this with you as you travel on,

Offering it to others, letting all know they belong.

To the world that connects us all,

Through an invisible everlasting cord,

Connected to each and everyone here,

Always present whether we are far or near,

This cord that is pure enlightened love,

Forever present, connected below and above,

To the earth and Heaven,

Uniting us all, never to be broken.

Copyright Frances Whitman



MOUNTED: 50 x 40CMS FRAMED: 54 x 43CMS



FRAMED: £450.00

Rollright Stones - Protectors - The King's Mens stone circle

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