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Dimensions:  56cms x  43cms Framed
Image size:  47cms x  34cms
Price: SOLD

This drawing shows the strong connection that many people have with animals. Some societies believe that animals have played and do play do play a special role in our spiritual lives and use spirit animals as guides.

I chose to draw a leopard as an animal guide looking out through a human eye. The leopard as an animal guide can show that you are patient and persistent in attaining your goals.

You have a tendency to plan for all contingencies and can change direction quickly if you need to. You naturally respect others in your environment as well as having a great deal of self respect, you are self confident, wise and courageous in the face of adversity. You have a great deal of personal power and understand the use of intention. You have a gift for aligning the energy around you into a state of constant and stable balance.

Spirit Animal Within

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