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'Perpetual Flow' Chalice Well Gardens Glastonbury

Print Size including a white mount 20" x 16"

Price: £75.00

Free P&P

Chalice Well is one of Britain’s most ancient wells, surrounded by beautiful gardens and orchards it is a living sanctuary in which the visitor can experience the quiet healing of this sacred place. A key part to Glastonbury’s mystery is water. Two springs rise within feet of each other at the base of the Tor, one, tasting sweet with calcium, leaves a white trail. The other, tasting metallic with iron leaves its mark in red. Frances painted ‘Perpetual Flow’ whilst sitting in the Chalice Well Gardens connecting to the Spirit of the waters and was inspired to write the following words to accompany it.

‘Perpetual Flow’

Almighty in your presence here,
Bringing alignment, balance and clarity,
Drawing all who hear your call,
Wishing to be cleansed in your purity,

Larger than the eye can see,
But still gentle in your flow,
Meandering above, where you can be seen,
Cleansing all that is below,

Your path, carved out in time,
A well-worn groove by now,
A resting place for many,
For others, a timely vow.

Copyright Frances Whitman 

Glastonbury - Chalice Well Gardens - Perpetual Flow

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