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'Guardians of The Tor'

Print Size including a white mount 20" x 16"

Price: £75.00

Free P&P

Like Glastonbury, the enigmatic Tor has come to host a large variety of mystical beliefs. Frances painted ‘Guardians of The Tor’ whilst sitting at the base of the tower and connecting to its past, present and future energies. She was inspired to write the following words to accompany the painting.

‘Guardians of The Tor’

Looking, seeking, feeling, sensing,
You come to this land to experience The Tor,
The energies, the emotions, the history,
We are here, we welcome you all.

Meditating, singing, dancing, celebrating,
Offering, guiding, renewing, awakening,
So many expectations, so much hope,
We are offering as much as you are bringing.

Mysteries, folklore, traditions, legend,
Swirling around in the mists that surround us,
Drawing you up to this mystical hilltop,
We are the guardians, honest and just.

Bring us your questions, your aspirations, your joy,
Bring us your fears, your release, your old,
Let us lift all burdens from you,
So as you leave, your steps are bold.

Copyright Frances Whitman 

Glastonbury Tor - Guardians of The Tor

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