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'Earth Song' Glastonbury Tor

Print Size including a white mount 20" x 16"

Price: £75.00

Free P&P

The enigmatic Tor, like Glastonbury has come to host a large variety of mystical beliefs. Sitting on the hillside of The Tor, Frances painted ‘Earth Song’ and was inspired to write the following words to accompany the painting.

‘Earth Song’

Hear the beat of the land beneath your feet,
Feel the heart of the land in your soul,
Know the love of the land in your heart,
Be at one with the land as you stroll.

Playing out for all eternity,
The earth sings its song loud and clear,
Speaking to all humanity,
Stop and listen, you will hear.

The notes that are sung, are of love and peace,
Of plenty, of nurture, of purity, of flow,
Providing for all, each and every one,
Inexhaustibly giving, in your heart you know.

The music of the earth is wild and free,
Is strong and gentle, melodic and clear,
Step outside to experience her beauty,
Acknowledge, give thanks and lend her your ear.

Copyright Frances Whitman 

Glastonbury Tor - Earth Song

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