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‘Blades of Light Crystal - Hear Us' an Original Pastel Painting by Frances Whitman

 Dimensions: 42 x 30 cms Unframed

Price: £275.00


‘Blades of Light’ a crystal energy communication- channelled by Frances Whitman


'Hear Us’

Contained within us is time, EVERYTHING THAT HAS EVER BEEN, EVERYTHING THAT IS STILL TO COME. All has been before and all is stored within us. To unlock the future, unlock the energy within us. To take humanity forward, unlock the wisdom, our freedom, our evolution.You all hold the keys, within you are the keys. Let us speak to you, let us share with you. Listen and take forward the knowledge held within us.Timing is essential, the time for the new earth has begun. You are all walking the new path, the old path trodden before, only now are you remembering.Remember, please remember and unlock the future with our knowledge, your knowledge.We have been hidden for so long, so long. We emerge now to stand with our brothers and sisters once more. The molecules of our existence are your molecules also.Healing, self-healing from the absorbtion of metals, of chemicals can be erased through us. To lighten humanity, to let humanity lift its vibration these metals need to be released.Clean, clear channels are required so that the vibration can flow unhindered once more, change is here again, we have come before and we will continue until our work is done.Aid us, aid us now. Write sing, create, spread the messages we come to give you, aid us, aid us now.Once this has begun, our sister stones will arise, so beautiful, such clarity, such a powerful vibration. Our sisters will continue the work of restoration.The light workers will know, the light workers will remember and rejoice once more.The vibration of LOVE will be here, available to all without judgement.


‘Blades of Light Crystal - Hear Us'

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