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Tune in and feel the vibrational frequency of each sound associated with the image chosen. As you do, this will speak to your body and will aid in resetting the vibrational resonance (coding) within to soothe and restore.
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Vibrational Frequency Sound Resonance Healing 

What is Vibrational Frequency Sound Resonance Healing?

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Vibrational Frequency Sound Resonance Healing Sounds 

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Receiving healing - Female cupped hands
How it Works and The Benefits





3, Isbourne House, Wolseley Terrace
 Cheltenham GL50 1TH

Phone: 01242 254321



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Read here about people's experiences of  Sound Healing sessions with Frances Whitman

Again, as before, I had a feeling of suspension in another dimension; weightlessness. I am pure energy (no attachment to a physical body)
Everything else - the ego? falls away. I am aware that there are no attachments to anything on Earth and therefore, nothing else matters.

I am aware of moving through big gates that are opening before me, a gentle forward motion.

It felt a bit like a deep meditation, but without incessant chatter (some thoughts come and go, but are quieter somehow) I feel light, not like the heaviness of meditation when your body can feel heavy as it relaxes in meditation. I have often fallen asleep during a meditation and at no point during the sound frequency sessions have I felt as though I might fall asleep. 

As in previous sessions, I didn’t want this to stop - feelings of bliss and complete peacefulness. I also feel that the level of bliss is coming directly from you, Frances, as you do have a wonderful energy yourself that I feel just by being in the same room as you!

This feeling - feels like it is part of our human consciousness and we need to be able to tap into for our healing and restoration of mind, body and spirit.

Later in the day I feel energised, on every level, it’s subtle, but I feel up-lifted and peaceful at the same time.

These words came to me; timeless, limitless, infinite possibilities, no boundaries, joyful.

A heavenly session!


Thank you so much for a blissful experience with the sound frequencies. Sometimes I felt as though the sound was carrying and supporting me, although I had no idea where to, because it didn’t matter where.

I felt as though I was in a place where there was nothing I had to do, (just be) and no responsibilities, I could just be suspended in the moment and enjoy it fully. Several times I thought to myself  “I don’t want this to stop, it is just heavenly."

Although occasional thoughts came and went, mostly I allowed the frequencies to soak into my being (not so much my body) and hold me in the feeling. It felt like a very safe place to “hang out.” If this is how it feels to leave the physical body, then there is nothing to fear.

A couple of times, there were deep, low sounds, that if they had a colour, would have been a thick black, I thought of my base/root chakra at this sound. I felt happy when it was replaced with a lighter, higher frequency and I was aware of the contrast.

I feel very peaceful afterwards, which is most welcome!

 I felt as though I was other worldly, listening to the universe, surrounded by the universe. Not trying to analyse it to see if I could find a pattern, but just to be in the frequency and that having the ear phones made that even more uniquely for me - like a personal tailor made frequency match. Suspended in a timeless place for a while.

I woke up thinking that when one finds themselves in another dimension and not in the human body, instead of voices and language, the sounds that you played to  me are what one “hears” instead.

Thinking about the feelings that the vibrations seem to bring, are similar to what I have read about in books describing “enlightenment” although I suppose that could be different for individuals. A timelessness, a deep profound peace (of mind), a feeling of relief from everyday worries that are often part of our daily consciousness, in between the occasional thoughts that come and go.




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