I've always loved drawing and creating from an early age. So when I had a minor car accident in my 20's and a friend kindly bought me a set of coloured pencils to pass my time whilst recuperating, I began drawing animals from magazines. I was pleasantly surprised with my creations and the fact that I had rekindled my love of drawing.
I managed to find the time to draw whilst working full time and started to take commissions for animal portraits.

Eventually I left my job and embarked on my career as an artist.I entered art competitions and was delighted to win a national one, with 'Mesmerized' my drawing of a leopard in a tree.My art took a different direction for quite a few years, painting trompe l'oiel murals for businesses and in clients homes, also creating paint effects which was very in vogue at that time.

Returning to my love of drawing, I joined a wildlife art society and was thrilled to win several more awards for my animal drawings.

Artist Frances Whitman

Artist Frances Whitman

Art Awards

'Mesmerized' a drawing by Frances Whitman


My first art award ....... I entered one of my early drawings 'Mesmerized' into a national wildlife art competition, and won! I was delighted to win a limited edition print run of my drawing.
Artist Frances Whitman receiving the Simon Combes Art Award for her drawing of lions

'Three Wise Kings'

I was thrilled to win the Simon Combes Award for the Best African picture in the show for my drawing 'Three Wise Kings' at the Wildlife Art Society International Exhibition.
This award was especially poignant for me, because I had been fortunate enough to be part of the art group spending two weeks on an art safari in Kenya with the late Simon Combes. Benefitting from Simon's tremendous knowledge of the animals, their environment and also his great talent as an artist.

Artist Frances Whitman receiving her art award from Simon King, for her drawing of a tiger

Frances Whitman receiving her award from Simon King for her drawing entitled 'Hypnotized' at the 10th Annual Exhibition of the Marwell International Art Society.

'Hypnotized' a drawing of a tiger by Artist Frances Whitman

‘Hypnotized’ by Frances Whitman

My Intuitive Abilities

It's interesting how life directs you, as it was during this time that I was contacted by a lovely lady, also an animal artist. It had been suggested to her that she should get in touch with me by three separate people, she did and we became good friends. This was to be the start of my intuitive journey.

Tragically her husband passed away. During the following weeks I began to 'hear' and then write messages from him. I had already begun to write inspiring poetry, so I was aware that a new channel had opened up for me.
I told my friend this was happening and asked her late husband to offer information that would prove it was him, he did this and I passed on lots of messages which brought great comfort to my friend and her family. He even wrote the words to be read out at his funeral.

I wanted to understand and explore my new abilities, so I enrolled on a mediumship course over the next few years to do just this. Whilst on this course I attended a psychic art workshop, which introduced me to the idea of combining my artistic and mediumistic abilities, which was to be the basis of the soul portraits and readings I offer.

Intuitive Art by Frances Whitman

My intuitive art has developed over the last few years and I find myself painting more and more, just being in the moment and letting the art create itself, with beautiful results.


Frances Whitman Intuitive Artist
 Most recently I have started travelling to sacred sites and different locations to paint the energy present, with words once again flowing as I do this.

I'm intrigued and looking forward to where life takes me next!