When I went for my energy portrait with Frances, I had no idea what to expect apart from it was a type of reading. Well, it was more than a reading as I watched a beautiful piece of art develop in front of my eyes, which depicted where I was and the possibilities and choices which were to come my way. Frances talked me through her drawing and the choice of colours and patterns she was making and what they symbolized in relation to my energies. I found the whole experience enlightening and cannot wait to have my next reading with Frances.
Debbie C.

Thank you so much Frances for the exceptionally inspiring soul portrait and reading.  I found it not only spiritually enlightening, but fun, and to have the picture as something I can always refer to when the journey becomes tough and I need reassurance and a reminder that my soul path is going in the right direction. A deeply personal reading that covered both my spiritual and humanistic life.  Thanks again.
Carol Green, Spiritual Medium and Tutor.


I have just had the most wonderful experience with Frances as she drew my energy portrait, it was fascinating watching her work, how the colours came to her and the way the picture formed.  Frances also gave clear insight as to what each part meant, as she was guided though the process.  I now have a beautiful original art work to go on my wall, but this also gives me a visual reminder of all the information given to me by Frances. Thank you.

Wow, I have just experienced a Soul Art session with the lovely Frances Whitman, and I can definitely recommend it. The colours, the insightful words and the wonderful energy and talent of Frances are all captured in the beautiful, framed artwork that you are privileged to take home with you. Don't just take my word for it, book a session today - you won't be disappointed.


Frances you did a good settling intro to put me at my ease, explaining the way that you surrender to the process and are not making conscious choices but allowing yourself to be the instrument of our joint guiding spirits. I was impressed by the dynamic and expressive quality of your mark making and by your choice of colours which seemed to match my own unspoken inclinations!
I liked the way the drawing happened, and the way your words accompanied, enhanced and explained what the drawing symbolized. It was an interesting and new (to me at any rate) vehicle for a 'reading' that normally happens with Tarot or crystal ball/tea leaves or whatever. I'm sure, as you said, each reading will be unique, according to the needs of your clients.
The expressive marks, the choice of colours and the whole development of the image gives the finished piece
a pleasing integrity and authenticity. The titled finished piece is a tangible reminder of the experience, long after the event.
Overall it was a thoroughly uplifting and life affirming experience. I really enjoyed it.