Soul Energy Portraits & Readings

Soul Energy Portraits and Readings by Frances Whitman

Combining my artistic skills and my mediumistic abilities of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience, I create Soul energy portraits & readings for clients.

During the creation of each unique Soul energy portrait, I connect with my guides and inspirers to be shown information relating to a clients life, this can include past, present and future.

At the same time I am intuitively connecting to the vibration of a clients soul - the pure light that we all are. Giving this soul voice the opportunity to communicate, bringing positive information relating to their soul path.

As I connect with each clients vibrational energy, I am shown images and scenes, as if watching a film. I hear energetically and speak the information that comes through me, offering guidance, enlightenment and inspiration.

As I talk, passing this information on, I am guided to draw shapes and colours which represent the energetic vibration of the words spoken. 

This vibration is contained in the finished portrait and continues to resonate until no longer needed,  so it is beneficial to display your portrait somewhere where it can be seen often.

Frances Whitman creating a Soul Energy Portrait for a client in her studio

Frances Whitman creating a Soul Energy Portrait for a client in her studio

A Window To Your Soul

 "I believe the vibration of each portrait communicates on a level that cannot always be seen, but can be felt and recognized long after the portrait has been completed. It's as if the portrait acts as a window and through it you are able to see your soul, to remember who you are, and to see where you have been, where you are now, and to see the opportunities waiting there for you. "

A Soul Energy Portrait & Reading with Frances Whitman offers the opportunity for:


Guidance & Clarity

Self Knowledge



Healing & Comfort


Hope & Possibility

Life Path Understanding

Upliftment & Inspiration




"Frances is a phenomenon. She immediately put me at ease with her kindness and gentle humour. Her reading was detailed, accurate and imbued with the spirit of compassion. The art work that Frances created for me is full of wonder and serves as a constant source of inspiration. Frances is the genuine article, a talented artist, a gifted medium and a beautiful person. I thoroughly recommend her." PQ


With kind permission by a client, watch how a soul energy portrait is created by Frances


"Hi Frances, A lot of things have happened since the reading and a lot of the things you talked about in my reading have happened, more notably the birth of our son which we thought wouldn't be possible naturally. You said our first born was already a done deal, it was happening. It really was as well as my wife was pregnant at that time and we didn't even know it!

" Paul


A recording of your session, emailed to you the same day.

Your Soul Energy Portrait, framed at the end of your sitting for you to take home.

Booking a Soul Energy Portrait & Reading with Frances Whitman

Soul energy portraits are created in person with Frances at her studio based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, UK, or alternatively by using skype if you are not able to travel to Frances' studio.

Available dates and times will be supplied at time of enquiry.

Address and directions will be supplied at time of booking.

Sittings are available Monday to Friday 10.00am to 4.00pm.

If you wish to bring someone to accompany you, please arrange this with Frances prior to your sitting.

Portraits must be paid for in advance or on the day of the sitting.


Portrait Sizes & Prices

1 hour STUDIO Soul Energy Portrait and Reading with Frances Whitman - Cost £65.00
Size of framed portrait - 12" x 10"  
1 hour SKYPE Soul Energy Portrait and Reading with Frances Whitman - Cost £65.00
Size of portrait - A4 - perspex is used instead of glass to allow posting.

Card payments can be made at Frances' studio.

Bacs or PayPal payments must be made in advance, please contact Frances for details of how to pay prior to your sitting.

Soul Energy Portrait Gift Vouchers

Gift voucher for Soul Portraits and Reading by frances Whitman

Soul Energy Portraits & Readings by Frances Whitman Gift Voucher

Gift vouchers are redeemable for up to one year from date of issue, and can be made out to the amount of your choice. Once payment has been received your gift voucher with matching envelope will be posted to you.

Frances' office hours are 9.00am - 5.00pm, Monday to Friday.


"I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Frances for a soul energy portrait, it was a lovely experience, creating an image that I will treasure. Frances is warm and wise, I felt in safe hands as soon as I met her and was impressed with both the quality of connection that she has to spirit and the high level of accuracy. She also brings a lot of integrity to her work and all messages were communicated with kindness and in a way that was clearly in my best interests and for the highest good. I left feeling totally uplifted!!" Amanda

Soul Energy Portrait Gallery

With kind permission, Frances Whitman's Soul Energy Portrait Gallery showing a selection of clients with their Portraits
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Thank you once again for my soul portrait. Very accurate and a really enjoyable experience. I love your work Frances and you have a special connection and such a beautiful way of expressing it.

Kelly Peacey x

Thank you Frances so much for such a beautiful experience. I slept soundly for the first time in a long while. Everything that came through struck so many chords with me and was just incredible. So reassuring to know who I have around me, gently guiding me in the right direction. It's fascinating watching Frances work - everything flows so easily. If you are in any doubt about whether to book a reading - don't deliberate - just do it!


I just wanted to say a big, big thank you for sending the link to my recording again. I was able to listen to my reading again as it has been a year nearly since it was done. What a year 2016 was. Epic comes to mind. So much happened in the world and in my world too!! Lots of things that you spoke about came into being and I understood the reading after listening to it retrospectively. It was awesome! It all made sense and I saw how far I had come in 12 months. It was really uplifting and inspiring all over again.

Fi x

Frances you gave me a memorable and wonderful Soul Portrait and recording. How Spirit works to a Divine Will to enable me to be fully supported in my service to Mother Earth and mankind. To connect with a new Guide that replaces my previous guides. More exciting was to be connected with my dear friend Peggy after 20 years. From Spirit she will help me in a specific way in the near future, that really fills me with joy. I am excited to know that all the pieces are dropping into place. You have given me so much information during the previous three portraits that without your expertise I wouldn't be so far forward. Thank you so very much.

Love and Joy John

Thank you so much Frances it’s amazing!  Not only do I have a beautiful portrait, I have a fascinating insight into who I am and am becoming.  So much confirmation of the way I feel things have been changing within and around me and the ways life is moving for me.  There are so many insights in your reading, so many resonances with my life and who I am.  The very fact that you don’t want to know anything before you start makes the messages you get all the more remarkable. Although I wasn’t altogether sure what to expect, Frances has such a warm, friendly and down to earth way about her, the whole process flows with what feels like effortless ease.  There is so much to take in that I’m so glad to have a recording of my reading.


Many Thanks Frances I learned a lot about myself from you last Thursday. You have confirmed most of me that I sense & gave me insight on some of me that I did not sense with your amazing artistic psychic gift.  Especially liking the mirror technique which actually works! I shall listen to your recording again... & again... to keep hearing how to climb that future ladder!  Bring on 2016! See you again soon with joy!


Thank you so much Frances for the exceptionally inspiring soul portrait and reading.  I found it not only spiritually enlightening, but fun, and to have the picture as something I can always refer to when the journey becomes tough and I need reassurance and a reminder that my soul path is going in the right direction. A deeply personal reading that covered both my spiritual and humanistic life.  Thanks again.
Carol Green, Spiritual Medium and Tutor


When I went for my energy portrait with Frances, I had no idea what to expect apart from it was a type of reading. Well, it was more than a reading as I watched a beautiful piece of art develop in front of my eyes, which depicted where I was and the possibilities and choices which were to come my way. Frances talked me through her drawing and the choice of colours and patterns she was making and what they symbolized in relation to my energies. I found the whole experience enlightening and cannot wait to have my next reading with Frances.
Debbie C.


I have just had the most wonderful experience with Frances as she drew my energy portrait, it was fascinating watching her work, how the colours came to her and the way the picture formed.  Frances also gave clear insight as to what each part meant, as she was guided though the process.  I now have a beautiful original art work to go on my wall, but this also gives me a visual reminder of all the information given to me by Frances. Thank you.


Wow, I have just experienced a Soul Art session with the lovely Frances Whitman, and I can definitely recommend it. The colours, the insightful words and the wonderful energy and talent of Frances are all captured in the beautiful, framed artwork that you are privileged to take home with you. Don't just take my word for it, book a session today - you won't be disappointed.


Frances you did a good settling intro to put me at my ease, explaining the way that you surrender to the process and are not making conscious choices but allowing yourself to be the instrument of our joint guiding spirits. I was impressed by the dynamic and expressive quality of your mark making and by your choice of colours which seemed to match my own unspoken inclinations!
I liked the way the drawing happened, and the way your words accompanied, enhanced and explained what the drawing symbolized. It was an interesting and new (to me at any rate) vehicle for a 'reading' that normally happens with Tarot or crystal ball/tea leaves or whatever. I'm sure, as you said, each reading will be unique, according to the needs of your clients.
The expressive marks, the choice of colours and the whole development of the image gives the finished piece
a pleasing integrity and authenticity. The titled finished piece is a tangible reminder of the experience, long after the event.
Overall it was a thoroughly uplifting and life affirming experience. I really enjoyed it.