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Medium: Pastel on board
Dimensions: 108cms x 80cms Framed
Price: £650.00


Frances created 'Splendour' in Monpellier Gardens, Cheltenham.
She was inspired to write the following words to accompany the painting.


‘Splendour’ - Montpellier Gardens Energy Painting

From the surrounding areas people come,
Joining each other in a lively throng,
Coming together with joyful hearts,
Joining each other, voices united in song.

Listen to the echo of voices heard from the past,
Listen to the cries of happiness as children play,
United in their games of hide and seek,
As others wander through, enjoying the day.

The majestic trees, standing tall and proud,
Offering strength,  shelter and splendour,
To those who notice as they sit, relax and stroll,
This beautiful space, a reminder, to take time in nature.

Come and join us, make time in your day,
Whether it be for leisure or family time,
For refreshment or community,
Or a chance to just unwind.

Here you’ll find the peace you seek,
Amongst the people, the flowers and trees,
Breathe in the energy, draw up the vibration,
Find in the gardens grace and ease.

The symbolism of the colours and shapes in the painting.

The vibrant reds symbolize the energy of the movement and action in the gardens.

The yellows symbolize the joyfulness and the happiness of those who use and have used the gardens.

The greens symbolize nature in harmony with the people, offering us all it can, love, warmth, shelter, life and healing.

The blues symbolize the conversations, the voices and chatter of the gardens, past and present.

The whites symbolize the memory of those passed over, visiting their loved ones as they take time in the gardens for reflection.

The oranges symbolize the exuberance of a child’s nature, their hopes and dreams for the future.

The purple is a reminder to live in the moment, to just be.

The pinks show a loving energy present in the gardens, felt as a gentle reassurance.

Where the colours blend together to form new colours, shows the mixing of energy, creating a harmony in people from all walks of life and cultures.


Copyright Frances Whitman 27/07/2017

Cheltenham - Splendour - Montpellier Gardens

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