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Soul Revival

Music For The Body &  Soul

Beautiful Music Tracks
Created by Frances Whitman

I love to create medative, uplifting music that can be acessed and listened to by all.

Whether you wish to meditate or unwind with this music, play it in the background as you go about your day, or fall asleep to teh sounds, then these soul revival tracks are for you.



Deep Restorative Sounds

Lifting the vibration of your body with music

wording here

Music For The Heart, Soul & Mind

The benefits of sound


Wording here


Frances, I don’t actually have the words to express how deeply this touched me. I want to find the words though. I can honestly say that within the first seconds of listening I was submerged as if under water, totally free from my body, that’s it, it was a totally out of body experience.

By the end of the track I was almost asleep.... something that doesn’t happen for me... I am feeling such a sense of calm, peace & feel reassured (what an odd word but that’s what I’m feeling), reassured that all is well... wow this is beautiful, absolutely beautiful... again I didn’t want it to end... xxx


I have goosebumps, it feels celestial, I can visualise the Angels with flutes, harps all serenading maybe the Divine, there’s white light and just celestial beings everywhere, all in the air lining a route of the Divine! I felt cleansed, blessed, emotional, it felt like I was receiving divine love! It’s haunting in a lovely way!

I felt like a bystander of something spectacular! I keep listening and each time, I get goosebumps and incredible feeling of love!





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