‘A New Vibration’ A Sacred Site Energy Painting and Poem

Here is the 2nd of the 5 intuitive inspirational paintings I created at Glastonbury in December 2016.

I was inspired to paint this whilst sitting in the beautiful Chalice Well Gardens in Glastonbury.

'A New Vibration' an Intuitive pastel painting by Frances Whitman

‘A New Vibration’ an Intuitive pastel painting by Frances Whitman

These are the words that came through to accompany the painting.

‘A New Vibration’

You are calling us here for change to happen,
For each to align and bring peace to all,
We are your servants, your brothers, your sisters,
Around you we stand, we answer your call.

Open your hearts to all that is on offer,
Open your eyes to see it in place,
For all you desire has been given to you,
Focus on this and the past erase.

This new vibration has been with you forever,
You carry it in your heart and soul,
The time is now to remember this fact,
Let the barriers, fears, and hurts dissolve.

You are a child of light,
A mirror of purity, love and completeness,
Existing in time constructed by you,
By thought alone, creating your life’s canvas.

So with the realisation, that you are the key,
Bring into focus all that you are,
This new vibration was you all along,
So look within, not afar.
Copyright Frances Whitman 10/12/2016