Autumn Equinox painting

Throughout the days

I’ve been adding texture and layers and colour to create this Equinox energy painting, these words came with it…. enjoy, it’s for us all.


Autumn Equinox Intuitive painting by artist Frances Whitman

Autumn Equinox Intuitive painting by artist Frances Whitman


The balance and harmony
Forever in communion
Nature and Spirit
A blissful union,

Changes of seasons
Energy portals appear
To the nature we hold dear,

The great outdoors
Beckoning to all
Step outside and wonder
Creation, your call,

Summer’s over
Autumn begins
Time to harvest
Before the winter winds,

In communion we are
With nature’s grandeur
Supporting and bountiful
Abundant in nature,

The moon is waning
The brightness dimming
Time to draw back
Find what’s fulfilling,

Take time, take stock
No hurry to do
Slow down, unwind
Reacquaint with you,

Let the equinox energy
Flow over your soul
Fill yourself with its renewal
For that is its goal,

It brings you its gifts
Each and everyone
Breathe in its power
To you it does belong.

©Frances Whitman 02/09/2018