A poem for you on National Poetry Day

As today is National Poetry Day, here is a poem written by me entitled ‘Pieces’



So many pieces to make up the whole,
So many experiences have been involved,
Challenges, triumphs, hurdles and rewards,
Just ‘Life’, as it is so commonly called,

Meandering through the years, if we are lucky,
Learning, giving, teaching in life’s study,
Wondering maybe what it’s all about,
Why we are here we should never doubt,

To live, to love, to experience all,
To go where we hear our call,
To find ourselves, to live one hundred per cent,
To just be, as was always the intent,

Everything will be taken care of, if we let it,
All will be provided, if we trust it,
Guidance is there, if we recognise it,
Our way home is always brightly lit.
Copyright Frances Whitman